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Our company, WELD Ltd. started its operations on April 1-st 1994 with 2 founding members and 10 full time employees on the 630 sqm. shop floor included in the present day factory teritorry. Before founding the Ltd, the 10 employees worked together as outside workers for 2 years and before that in an allowance settling system for 3 years. The rising number and the diversity of orders justified the extension of the factory’s teritorry, the purchase of a new industrial workshop and the expansion to 2300 sqm. area. Starting with 1995, we export continously to Germany and many other European Union countries. We transport with our own trucks. Main activities: working of metals, engineering industry tool equipment, metal fittings, metal construction elements production and installation.

A The WELD Ltd.'s goal is to maintain and raise its home market position with consistent quality policy to our custumers' satisfaction and to aquire new markets on national and international level alike.

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